Selfie Tamil Movie – An Engineering Student Turns intoA Seat Broker

Selfie Tamil Movie - An Engineering Student Turns intoA Seat Broker

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The cast of Selfie

The great action thriller movie selfie has been directed by MathiMaran. The excellent cast choice for the movie selfie is G. V. Prakash Kumar, GauthamVasudevMenon and VarshaBollamma, VidyaPradeep, Vagai Chandrasekhar, SangiliMurugan, and Subramaniam Siva.

The plot of Selfie  

The entire storyline of the movie selfie has been formed upon true happenings that were faced by an engineering student. These real-life happenings were heard by the director himself. Therefore most of the plot of the movie is realistic in nature.

The movie starts with an ill-tempered engineering student who, in due time, is noticed to get trapped in the middle of a college admission racket. He, along with his group of friends, gets targeted by several guns and loan sharks. 

Watch the movie to learn what happened and how this group of friends got out of this Grave and dreadful situation.

What to expect from Selfie

As the entire plot of the movie is based on real-life happenings, there is very less exaggeration. If you like watching movies with action hits, then you will surely enjoy this movie. The lead role in the movie has done an excellent job of presenting the true emotions of the character.

The movie is said to be excellently well-written and directed. It gives the viewers a quick spotlight on the corruption of the education system along with the selfishness of private colleges these days.

Watch the Tamil Crime Thriller Movie.

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